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Nick Stewart began his charity auctioneering career in 1990 as a result of his friend Christopher Cowdrey (Kent and England) being let down on the morning of an event.

Nick had no idea that stepping in for one of the regulars of the circuit would launch him into becoming one of the most sought after Charity Auctioneers in the country over the next twenty years.  He assisted Mark Nicholas, Graham Gooch, Courtney Walsh, Ian Greig, Paul Downton, Simon Hughes, Graham Thorpe, Mark Benson, and many more with their benefits.


In the early years he concentrated on Cricket, Rugby, and Football benefit nights and functions, building up a reputation for being a ferocious extractor of money but mingled with great charm and amusement.


As his reputation preceded him he was invited to conduct auctions at the Variety Club, The Lords Taverners, Cancer Bacup, The Marsden Hospital, Teenage Cancer.

In a crowded market of professional auctioneers from the main auction houses, he has become the go to man for big important occasions.  His skills have raised Elton John in excess of 15 million pounds at his White Tie & Tiara Ball at Windsor over the last ten years and he recently conducted a major auction for the Lady Taverners when they invited Bill Clinton to speak at the Hilton Hotel in November 2009.


He has also raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Nordoff Robbins charity and is constantly in demand throughout the entertainment business.


Anne Hooper, chief executive of Trinity Hospice, says: "The Snow Ball was just the most magnificent event! Thanks to the generosity of our guests and the talents of our well-known charity auctioneer, Nick Stewart, the evening raised a staggering amount, which will help Trinity's patients to lead the most normal life possible in the comfort of their own homes."

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